Tribe Throw Blanket - Aloha Now

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In commemoration of the 40th Anniversary of Apocalypse Now: Aloha Now Tiger Stripe 2020 Andrew Bawidamannʼs beautiful interpretation of a classic Tiger Stripe with hidden details from the Vietnam War - Hueys, F5s, B-52s, & River Boats. 

Woobie Tribe is for the connected. America’s most versatile and proven blanket showcasing your affiliation and connection to others. Have woobie pride and show off your tribe!

Be true.
Be proud.
Be connected.

Never be without your woobie!

Woobie Tribe Traits:

Soft like satin sheets
Light weight (about 2 lbs)
Durable (will last several years with heavy use)
Pet hair, sand, grass, leaves do NOT stick
No lint
Machine washable
Top/bottom shell are 100% ripstop polyester/nylon
Batting is 100% polyester
Blanket size: 82” x 58”
Assembled in USA
1-Year Warranty

Tribe Throw Blanket - Aloha Now

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