The Minimalist Belt

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Belt is made to order. Please allow up to five weeks for production prior to shipment.  Not sure what you want?  Check out our Belt HubPlease expect additional lead times of up to 2-3 weeks before this product is fulfilled due to order backlogs.

Introducing the perfect companion to the Minimalist Belt Pad.  The Minimalist Belt is made to order right here in the U.S.A.  It is ideally suited to work in conjunction with your Minimalist belt pad to create a system that is second to none.  

The buckle can be offset to maximize comfort

The Minimalist belt utilizes a double layer of 1.5" scuba webbing paired with a 1" piece of nylon webbing in the front to maximize comfort (it will not bind when you bend over). The Cobra FM buckle provides over 800lbs of working capacity.  

The Minimalist Belt fits perfectly end-to-end with the Belt Pad (sold separately) of the same size.

The Minimalist belt is designed to fit the Minimalist Belt Pad of the same size.  If you have a large belt pad, get a large belt...etc. 

If you're buying pouches to use with this belt, the best options will be the 1.5" Quick Clip, UAB clip, or the Safariland 744BL. The 1.75" will not work. 

The Minimalist Belt

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