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Load image into Gallery viewer, Peltor Comtac V Defender - Coyote Brown - The Musa Store

Peltor Comtac V Defender - Coyote Brown

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3M™ PELTOR™ ComTac™ V has Omni-directional microphones and high fidelity speakers optimized to transmit voice communication and can pick up sounds with great sensitivity with an excellent signal-to-noise ratio for clear and accurate sound replication. The result is a more natural-sounding headset with unmatched sound clarity.

In addition to the environmental microphones, the legacy boom mic (for external radio transmissions has been replaced with the MT33. This boom greatly improves the audio transmit in various noise conditions. The main, critical improvement the MT33 provides is its noise cancellation performance. The MT33 provides 18db in noise cancellation vs. the legacy microphone, which provided 6db in noise cancellation – measured at 10mm distance, normalized for 0db a 1khz. 3M has replaced the leather headband for a modern rubberized band that is easy to remove if the user wants to convert to ARC adapters (or convert back to a headband). This headband has increased environmental resistance to heavy maritime environments. Some users are fielding new, multi-channel software-defined radios. The power output, waveforms, and encryption these radios are exhibiting have caused 3M to increase the overall immunity to Radio Frequency (RF) susceptibility and Electromagnetic Interference (EMI) in its COMTAC platform. 3M has implemented shielding within the cables and around the circuitry to help ensure the headset will be immune to the new radio systems' effects. The ComTac 5 utilizes a U-174 plug and will connect directly into your existing push-to-talk radio adapter Connection.

3M has updated the software to allow users to easily access the audio customization features the ComTac platform offers, such as:

Balance Mode Adjusts the environmental listening function volume balance between the left and right speaker, giving the operator the ability to prioritize audio or adjust to their own personal preference.

Release Time The release time setting adjusts the time before the limiter opens after activation. The default setting is optimized for combat operations. The extended delays may be more suitable for in-door firearms training.

Volume Boost In applications where double hearing protection is required, the volume boost function (aka ear-plug mode) increases the volumes of ambient sound and the external input by about 6dB. It is to be used only when a properly fitted ear-plug is used under the headset.

Equalizer Function CT5’s equalizer function further adjusts the preset frequency setting, optimized for combat operations.

In other types of operations, where steady-state may be present (i.e., ground vehicle and airborne platforms), this function helps improve the signal-to-noise ratio by reducing the low frequencies.

  • Level Dependant, Electronic Hearing Protection to Help Protect from Impulse and Steady-State Noise
  • Rugged 3M™ PELTOR™ Design for Trusted Performance
  • EarPlug Mode for high noise environments
  • Omni Directional Environmental Microphones for Level Dependant Hearing protection and Auditory Situational Awareness

Peltor Comtac V Defender - Coyote Brown

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