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NeoMag is a discrete carry solution for spare magazines. NeoMags are explicitly designed to appear as a pocket knife clip the NeoMag holds your Magazine just beneath the pocket line, easily within reach, yet just out of sight. The NeoMag uses powerful Neodymium magnets and its sturdy pocket clip to secure your reload to the same spot and orientation in your pocket every time. The NeoMag is engineered to bring the end-user a reliable product. From the Blacknitride steel to the hand bent titanium pocket clips, top-quality materials ensure a reliable draw and long-lasting durability.

  • Sizing is simple
    • Choose the caliber of your gun
    • Pick your clip length and color
      • Regular ( For a standard magazine base )
      • (For extended magazines or deeper concealment)
    • Works with all Single and Double stack magazines
  • Sizing Exceptions:
    • For Metal Mags
    • Wilson Combat 9mm single stack choose size Large
    • Check Springfield XD magazine to make sure they are magnetic
    • STI 9mm mags need a size large Type G NeoMag.


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