Holosun HS510C Open Reflex Sight

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Holosun Technologies was established in 2013 as an industry-leading OEM manufacturer. Holosun's commitment to developing innovative optic technology to benefit the average shooter and law enforcement and military professionals are second to none. Holosun has earned its place among some of the top optics brands in the world with high-quality manufacturing processes and standards. Holosun offers a wide range of affordable options: military-grade quality but without the military grade price.

The Holosun HS510C Multiple Reticle Red Dot Sight has a streamlined housing design with an open frame for a wide sight picture and minimized obstruction of vision. These Red Dot Sights by Holosun have an incredible battery life of up to 5 years, with advanced LED technology. They are powered by Advanced Super Solar Technology with battery backup. Equipped with a protective titanium alloy hood, the Holosun HS510C Circle Dot Scope with 3 Reticle Options is waterproof down to 1m and durable enough for even the heaviest calibers. When every shot counts, boost your accuracy and acquire targets swiftly with the Holosun HS510C Parallax Free Red Dot/Circle Sight.

  • When focusing on the target, the size of the reticle will change based on the distance between your eyes and the objective lens
  • Parallax free with unlimited eye relief
  • Minimize vision obstruction with push-button controls & streamlined housing design
  • Solar & battery power supplies
  • Switchable circle/dot and red dot reticles
  • Titanium-alloyed, shock resistant protective hood


Holosun HS510C Open Reflex Sight

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