AlphaTac OFAK (Operators First Aid Kit)

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The OFAK was designed for the tactical operator in mind, whether it be associated with a team or an enthusiast. Space is limited on belts and gear, but the OFAK solves the problem of carrying med gear on you while not taking up to much space. It is mountable via laser cut molle on the back as well as a loop lined belt sleeve allowing it to attach to a hook outer duty belt. The internal wallet can be removed from either side of the sleeve and is equipped with red pull handles on both sides of the wallet for easy identification. The handles are covered in PVC tubing to allow for a different feel on the hand if mounted in the small of the back. The closure strap of the wallet is big enough to allow you to hang the wallet from a magazine in a carrier or a holster to keep it out of dirt and mud when using. The wallet is designed to hold a pair of chest seals, a flat folded compression bandage, gauze, gloves and a npa in a small compact package. There is also an additional pocket to hold a decompression needle or chem light. Hanging from the bottom of the sleeve is a elastic tourniquet holder that allows you to carry a tourniquet. This is not designed to hold a primary tq as that should be on the front of the body but instead this is a way to carry a backup tq that is out of the way but easily available.

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AlphaTac OFAK (Operators First Aid Kit)

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