Safariland 6360RDS Holster Compatibility

The Safariland 6360RDS was created to meet the demands of law enforcement agencies who are issued Glock 34s. However, this universal holster has more to offer than most other Safariland holsters.

Go from Level III retention to Level II in minutes and it fits a variety of Glock models, with perfect retention.

Watch our video of Kawa explaining and demonstrating the fit of other Glock models and tips and tricks for enhancement. 


Glock models that will fit a Safariland 6360RDS Holster:

Glock 34, Glock 35, Glock 17, Glock 19X, Glock 45, Glock 19, Glock 44




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Glenn June 20, 2020

Hey I’m the lead firearms guy for my agency. We run the 6390RDS holsters for our dot guns because we only require level 2 retention minimum. As for optic fitment. All you common optics out there (RMR, ACRO, DPP, etc) will fit these holsters. The problem with fitment comes from the iron sights. All runs of Safarilands holsters will work with standard suppressor height sights like the RMR and ACRO require. But the first runs of their holsters did not work with the extra tall sights needed for the DPP. They fixed this about a year ago I think but who really knows since they didn’t change serial numbers or anything. You can tell by looking at the sight channel from the side view of the holster. The newer models have a more straight line aight channel compared to the older models where the sight channels shallows about halfway down the holster. Hope this helps.

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