My New Favorite Sunglasses - Skeleton Optics
Kawa with Skeleton OpticsThere's a good chance you may not even have heard about one of the best sets of eye-pro on the market. Well, now you're about to.

Back when I was in the service, we had the pick of the litter when it came to the top eye-pro and they all got the job done. We were issued everything from Wiley-X to Oakley's and everything in-between. They were all ballistic but none of them really appealed to me. 

However, I recently discovered a new brand that blew me away with their design and innovation.

Let me introduce you to Skeleton Optics: the only veteran-owned & operated optic company that uses Zeiss glass technology in all of their glasses.  If you're into high end photography, you may have already been familiar with the prestige associated with the Zeiss name and Skeleton Optics has developed a line of glasses with the Warfighter community in mind. 

What sets Skeleton apart is that their glasses eliminate the fading of your holographic reticle...nor will you see any additional parallax. This is obviously crucial when it comes to shooting longer distances through your weapons optics. 

Soon, they’ll be releasing a MILSPEC ballistic frame that's seven times stronger than the current standard.

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