H&K Gets Big Win! Army Replacing M110 with G28 Sniper Rifle...and why it's a good thing.

After three years of research and budget requests, the U.S. Department of Defense has finally granted the U.S. Army its request for a new designated marksman sniper system for their infantry units.

The Army recently awarded Heckler & Koch the $44.5 million contract to supply an American 7.62mm version of their 7.63mm semi-automatic German Special Forces sniper system, the G28. The H&K G28 is lighter, substantially shorter and more multi-functional than its predecessor, the M110 from Knights Armament. What’s the difference between DMR and Sniper systems? All DMRs are semi-auto but Sniper systems can be either semi-auto or bolt action. What makes a sniper system? There is no classification for the term “sniper” but if it has a scope and can engage long distances (relative)...it qualifies as a sniper system. 

The G28 has a scope, 1.5 MOA and a high first round hit probability at 600 meters. Nice!

My opinion:

I say "good riddance."

The 7.62mm Knights Armament M110 looks like an M16 on steroids, gone wrong. It was heavy, awkward to use, and it looked like the "Quidditch broom" Harry Potter used. Not to mention, it stuck out like a sore thumb and screamed, here I am!

The G28 from H&K will provide everything the M110 failed to do. As a designated marksman rifle, it will serve it’s purpose, but it also has the multi-function of an assault rifle. So whether our infantry badasses are plinking bad guys from 600 meters away or kicking doors down and shooting them in the face, this is the system they needed and I’m glad they’re finally getting it. 

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H&K G28 Sniper Rifle


  • Mar 07, 2018
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