The Musa Mozambique Challenge

Kawa Mawlayee and The Musa Store issues the #musamozambiquechallenge. This challenge will run for 2 weeks and at the end, 5 winners will be announced.
In this challenge, you should have a target that is similar to an IPSC target with a distinguishable chest A zone and a head A zone. From 7 meters, starting at Position 3: with a timer, shoot the Mozambique drill as fast as you can hitting the chest twice and head once.

1. Record yourself (all in one take, no cut scenes), show your hits and time.
2. Post the video on Instagram or Facebook.
3. Tag @themusastore
4. Hashtag #musamozambiquechallenge

Top 5 fastest times will win a free Mozambique T-Shirt from The Musa Store.

Additionally, the top fastest time that beats Kawa's time will receive a free Multitasker Tools custom Limited Edition FDE Twist with Kawa's 2Alpha2quit logo on it.

Challenge starts today (Aug 13, 2019) and will end on Aug 27 at 12am Eastern time.

All winners will be announced Aug 28th on The Musa Store Instagram and Facebook pages.

Give it your best shot and get a free t-shirt and Twist!!!

Links to prizes below!

Mozambique T-Shirt:

Multitasker Twist:

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