What is "Musa?"

People ask us all the time, “What’s a  Musa?” Some folks assume it’s an acronym for “Military USA,” or even “Made in the USA.”  The reality is, Musa means “warrior” in Korean and it pays homage to our founder’s heritage as well as our identity as combat veterans of the United States Military. 

Musa became the namesake of our first company, Musa Military Entertainment Consulting which launched in 2009 and has quickly grown to be one of the leaders in the military entertainment consulting industry working for clients like HBO, ABC, Fox Television, Sony Pictures, Electronic Arts, and many more. 

In 2012 we expanded our brand beyond just training and consulting entertainment industry professionals by launching a production company (Musa Productions, LLC), And a year later we launched our digital distribution platform, All Warrior Network, that reaches millions of fans of the warrior-genre.

Last year we welcomed US Army Green Beret, Kawa Mawlayee, as the COO of Musa Military Entertainment Consulting. Kawa has added a whole new component to the company. The credibility he added through his recent Special Operations experience as well as knowledge of the latest gear and TTPs were an invaluable addition to the team.   

The Musa Store was first conceptualized when our clients would regularly seek our expertise in acquiring premium gear for their projects as well as their personal use and we realized that many of our followers would benefit from the same information we were providing our clients, and thus The Musa Store was born.

Our goal with The Musa Store is not to be the biggest or the flashiest e-commerce store, but rather a store that only carries a select list of premium items that we’ve T&E'ed extensively.  There is only one standard when it comes to listing an item on our site: would we trust our lives with this piece of gear in combat?  Additionally, our experienced media production team will be responsible for creating content that educates our customer base on why we selected the gear that we offer on our store.

This is certainly an exciting time for the Musa Store as we begin rolling out more brand partnerships with some of the biggest brands in the industry to bring you the best gear at the best prices possible.  Anyone who’s worked with Musa or taken a class from Kawa knows that we are truly passionate about training and equipping the warrior community.  We are grateful that with your continued support, we’ll be able to continue providing both of those services at the highest level.




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Steve Sapiera March 09, 2019

Hi – love your stuff. What is your definition of “healer protector”? I am a retired military nurse and see myself in my own definition of the term. But what does it really mean? What is the origin? Thanks for all you!

Blanca Cáceres March 09, 2019

I love your the quality of your product, professionalism and the information you share on your site! I am a customer for a while…. thank you

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