Former US Army Ranger and active duty SWAT Officer @shinobi275 on overcoming struggle and what drove him to serve.

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Dat Luu March 09, 2019

To Mr. Trung Nguyen,

I’m a big supporter of the Musa Store and all the products offered. I just wanted to say, after watching your testimony I can’t believe to say were we on the same refugee boat because I too, am Vietnamese and was born in a refugee camp in Malaysia back in 1981.
we can chat more on email if you get this message. As a government employee and having seeing and experiencing tons of gear and new kits out on the market for government and private sector personnel along with working for numerous firearms training organizations and FFL’s selling firearms and gear, the Musa line and products to anyone seeing this message is legit and I mean with so many competitors out there, I highly recommend not only are the attire and Tactical line all great products for training and Real World environments, but there customer service is beyond expectations.
Thank you and stay safe.

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