Good afternoon everyone.

We hope this blog finds you well and in good health. The current events surrounding COVID-19 is unprecedented.  While we’ve certainly had to make some adjustments, our commitment to serve you has not changed. We’re in communication with our suppliers and they are pressing forward with us as well. 

We founded this store with the goal to equip and elevate the community by introducing innovative products and educating you on how to properly use them. It’s evident now that this service is in dire need today, more than ever. We looked around and saw some companies gouging prices on products that our community needs most, and quite frankly, that pissed us off. We held an emergency meeting with our board today and decided to cut prices on items that we feel are essential for those sheltering in place during these uncertain times, and we will be releasing helpful tips throughout the week based on our foundation of training and experience.

We understand it can be daunting for some of you facing health and economic uncertainty. However, our nation has survived armed conflicts, recessions, terrorist attacks and previous health scares. We have no doubt we will persevere and weather this storm as one nation. How do we know this? Because we’ve had the privilege to interact with countless individuals like yourself who have trained, prepared and equipped yourself to be ready for times just like this. 
We’re grateful to all of you and please continue to communicate with us and let us know how we can continue to help.
All of us at The Musa Store
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Robert M. June 03, 2020

This type of attitude & action is rare and should be celebrated. Thank you!!

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