A Memorial Day Message from The Musa Store

It's Memorial Day Weekend.

It's Memorial Day Weekend and this holiday means a lot of things to a lot of people. The purpose of this message is to share with you what it means to us, as a company.

Recently we’ve received some emails and social media messages from well-meaning customers asking us if we’re going to have a sale this weekend…we’re not…and honestly, we never will.

Six months ago, when we started The Musa Store, we were strategically planning our year and thinking about what we would do on the various “big sale holidays" and when we got to May all the partners looked at each other and we knew we were in agreement. We just don’t believe this day/weekend should be a marketing strategy. It’s just how we feel about it. We won’t begrudge others who do…we just won’t.

For us, and probably for you too, every day is Memorial Day. We will always respect the memory of our fallen brothers and sisters and we’re glad that we live in a country that sets a day aside to remind everyone of their sacrifice. The Musa Team won’t wallow in sorrow or castigate others on how they choose to celebrate this Memorial Day. And yes, we'll have barbecues, we'll spend time with our friends and families, we'll raise a glass in honor of those we’ve lost. We’ll have fun. But we won’t have a sale. 

The store will still be open, like every other day. We’ll still offer you the same great gear and apparel, like every other day. And the thoughts of those who’ve died for our amazing country will be on our minds, like every other day.

So cheers to you and your families this weekend as we all celebrate a country worth dying for, and as we honor the men and women who actually died.

Be safe,

The Musa Store

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